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Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 Wesker confirmation: Resident Evil is back

DBD Resident Evil Project W is confirmed for Chapter 25, with Wesker, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers announced as new licensed characters

Dead by Daylight DBD Chapter 25 Resident Evil Project W Wesker

Over the weekend, Dead by Daylight leaks started popping up, seemingly revealing details about the 25th chapter and previously announced Raccoon City PD map rework. Well, thanks to the Behaviour Beyond livestream on August 3, another Resident Evil chapter has been confirmed with Project W coming to DBD in Chapter 25.

Project W will bring another two licensed Survivors, and one new killer, to the popular asymmetrical horror. While some fans will definitely be disappointed by the omission of the oh-so-tall Lady Dimitrescu, others are over the moon at the Albert Wesker news. The leather-clad killer will be able to infect Survivors with the Uroboros virus from his infected arm, significantly slowing their movement speed. While this is similar to Nemesis, there will be differences in the gameplay between the two. However, just how that gameplay will differ remains a surprise, with Behaviour’s Mathieu Cote revealing as little as possible during the Behaviour Beyond press briefing.

Two new Survivors will be joining – and running from – Wesker in the Resident Evil sequel chapter: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Ada Wong, the gorgeous femme fatale, is described as “an ideal partner in the field, as long as the partnership suits her,” thanks to her “ability to thrive in a high stakes environment.” This suggests the Wong’s perks could revolve around quick thinking and fast manoeuvres in desperate times. Meanwhile, child prodigy Rebecca Chambers’ main trait is “helping others, even at her own risk,” which “dictates how she lives her life and engages in the mission. She’s small, but a powerful ally.” This suggests that Chambers’ perks, unlike Wong’s, might involve boosts when healing and helping other survivors.

DBD new Raccoon City map Project W

Finally, while there will not be a new map as such in Chapter 25, Resident Evil: Project W, there will be a major overhaul to the existing Raccoon City map. During the Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary livestream, Behaviour announced the rework of the notoriously difficult map, and we now know that the changes involve splitting the map in two – easy enough thanks to its challenging size. If you know the RPD map, you’ll know that you enter a large hall, with two “wings” to either side, and an outside area. Now, each “wing” will be a separate map, with the main entrance hall appearing in both, and easier access to the outside areas.

While there’s no confirmed date for Chapter 25 just yet, we can imagine that Resident Evil: Project W will launch around Tuesday September 6, 2022. This estimate is based on previous chapter release dates, such as Sadako Rising on Tuesday March 8, and Roots of Dread on Tuesday June 7. The characters, maps and perks will all be available to test on the PTB around three weeks before the chapter’s release date.

While the Behaviour Beyond showcase revealed no confirmation of the eagerly anticipated DBD Stranger Things sequel chapter, this Resident Evil news should keep us going for a bit longer.