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Resident Evil shooter spin-off Umbrella Corps to release in May

Umbrella Corps

The latest entry into the two decade-old this year Resident Evil series is, somewhat surprisingly, to be a third-person competitive shooter. Umbrella Corps was announced in September last year with spray of automatic machine gun bullets and a whole load of ducking and covering. Capcom have now announced it’ll be with us in May. 

Zombies, eh? Seems like they’re everywhere these days, but that’s ‘cos I spend all of my time searching for brains in our best zombie games list. Brrrraaaiinnnsss.

As is seen in the following trailer, Capcom have also announced that The Experiment will be Umbrella Corps’ single-player campaign comprising 20 missions that take place in the same maps as the main multiplayer game. Have a gander at its latest trailer:

At this point I don’t know where I stand with Umbrella Corps. It’s great revisiting the familiar church grounds of Resident Evil 4’s Ganado Village and the like, and while the Resi series has always been about shooting everything that moves, pretty much, Umbrella Corps just isn’t pushing my buttons. With its grappling up the sides of buildings and skating along tiled rooftops while running and gunning for your life, it all feels very Dying Light. I love Dying Light, I just don’t know if I need a Resident Evil experience shoehorned into that context.

But, hey, I hope I’m wrong. I guess we’ll find out in May either way when Umbrella Corps arrives. Let us know what you think at this stage in the comments below.