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New Resident Evil 7 trailer has men on fire, bloody family gatherings and a glimpse of combat

Resident Evil 7 combat trailer

Due to continued surprise at the linear progression of time, we’re shockingly not all that far away from Resident Evil VII hitting monitor, TV screen or VR headset depending on your preference. It’s the first major release of 2017, getting here on January 24. To keep everyone’s appetite whet for grotesque horror, creepy houses and cannibal banquets, Tokyo Game Show brought a new trailer from Capcom. There’s a little bit of the predictably slow combat in there, including some frustratingly ineffective pistols, plus a longer look at how the antagonistic Baker family enjoy a nice meal together.

Everything we know on Resident Evil VII’s gameplay, setting and more.

On top of that, there was also some news on the demo, though it isn’t good for the PC focused. The previously PlayStation Plus only version will be getting an upgrade called ‘Twilight’ and released to all PlayStation users. Not a lot of use if you’re mouse and keyboard bound – plus, getting a tad worried about port quality and controller support over here – but doubtlessly the changes will bring new details on the plot, and there’ll be one of ten thousand playthroughs to pick from on YouTube.

That’s happening on September 15 – later today – so watch out for spoilers if you’re looking to dodge. Pre-orders also kicked off for PlayStation today, which revealed that the game will have a super-hard difficulty mode called Madhouse, unlocked after the first playthrough. Pre-order bonuses also include some healing items to make the early game a tad easier, and these will probably be available on PC too, once we’re allowed to buy. That should be “available in the coming weeks” according to a press release.

Some more details, and lovely screenshots, over on the Capcom blog. The PS exclusive demo has had three million downloads, apparently – hopefully that pushes it our way at some stage before release.