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Resident Evil 7 gets a creepy new gameplay trailer, play hide-and-seek with an old lady in her pyjamas

resident evil 7 gameplay

Being stalked by an old lady in her pyjamas is no way to spend an hot summer night in a sinister Louisiana plantation. In fact, just about every thing in that sentence sounds unpleasant, so it’s fitting that this is our first glimpse of gameplay from the forthcoming Resident Evil 7.

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We all knew it was coming, but nothing can prepare you for getting that close to a woman with such poor dental hygiene. The trailer offers our first proper look at the game’s plantation setting, featuring a rickety, dilapidated mansion deep in the middle of the bayou. It’s suitably creepy, and the hide-and-seek heavy gameplay only compliments it. As it stands, Resident Evil 7 is looking more and more like the Silent Hills and Alien: Isolation mashup we all wanted.

Gameplay currently looks limited, with the female protagonist managing only to walk quickly away from her assailant and crouch behind the odd crate as a means of eluding danger. How exactly weapons and combat will tie into Resident Evil 7 is still unknown, but a double-barrel shotgun would fit nicely into that setting.

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