Video of all 10 Resident Evil 7 teasers shows off combat, creepy old women and more

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil VII’s advertising campaign has sure dragged on. Even though I’ve played the demo on PlayStation 4, I’m still no wiser about how the actual game will play, thanks to a lack of combat in the demo. To top it off, Capcom have been releasing the shortest trailers in the world. Luckily, all ten of these teasers have now been put into one video, which you can watch above. 

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The video starts off with the latest teasers, which show off some combat for the first time. Rather than traditional zombies, it looks like we’ll be going up against gloopy mutants and humans who are being controlled by something – perhaps a Las Plagas-style parasite.

There’s also a creepy old lady who’s ominously humming a tune in a hallway, but the footage cuts just before we get to see her face. Imagine if it was the Nemesis though – she turns around and you see a rocket launcher mounted on her shoulder as she winks and whispers “Stars”. Do it, Capcom.

In the rest of the footage, we get a glimpse of the healing system, how saving works and a bunch of other stuff that all adds up to make it feel very Resi, despite the shift in perspective.