Resident Evil Village PC bug currently breaks the game on Steam

Capcom has warned of a Resident Evil Village PC bug that breaks the game on Steam, and said it is working on a fix for its most recent horror game

Resident Evil Village PC bug currently breaks the game on Steam: Lady D's saughter, hooded, about to eat Ethan Winters

A fresh Resident Evil Village PC bug on Steam looks like it’s just straight up crashing and breaking Capcom’s most recent horror game, as the studio has warned players about the issue while it tries to get out a fix. It’s not exactly the best look right before the new DLC gets shown off in an October showcase, so hopefully it’s fixed soon.

It’s currently unclear on the scope of the damage of this Resident Evil Village PC bug, but it might be worth not booting up the game for the foreseeable, or just until Capcom confirms a fix, to make sure all your data and saves remain clean and sparkly.

The message on the Resident Evil PC bug crashes from Capcom reads: “After installing the latest patch, the following has been observed:

  • A message appears that mentions the need to restart the game
  • Game crashes

“We apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused. We are currently working hard to fix this issue, please give us some time to have the issue resolved.”

From the wording, it appears that only the Steam version of Resident Evil Village PC is impacted by this issue at this time as well.

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