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Resident Evil VIllage DLC still won’t let you see Ethan’s face

Resident Evil Village DLC launches in fall 2022 and brings with it a Mercenaries update, third-person mode, and a brand-new story expansion

Resident Evil Village DLC launches October 28 and includes three major additions: an update to Mercenaries, a new third-person perspective for the main campaign, and the Shadows of Rose expansion. And no, it looks like you still won’t be able to see Ethan Winters’ face in the horror game‘s third-person mode.

What you will get is a new storyline in Shadows of Rose. Set 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village, Shadows of Rose follows Ethan and Mia’s daughter, Rose, as she tries coming to terms with the source of her mysterious powers. We see a brief glimpse of Rose tormented by these powers, bullied at school and subject to intense mental stimulation and apparently a few gross things wriggling across her hands from time to time.

Rose will enter the subconscious world to find what she hopes is a solution to her troubles, but whatever awaits her there, it clearly isn’t good. Capcom said Rose will meet a girl who looks identical to her as she faces off against an endless array of psychological threats where even the world attacks her.

We didn’t see much of the world attacking Rose, but we did see her mysterious guide Michael leaving messages for Rose in familiar locations, such as CAstle Dimitrescu.

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Of even more interest is the Duke, Ethan’s mercantile helper in Village but apparently one of many antagonists after Rose in this parallel universe inside her mind.

Shadows of Rose will take place entirely in third person, but what kind of gameplay – and what methods, if any, Rose has to defend herself with – it features still remains a mystery.

Shadows of Rose launches alongside a hefty update to Village’s spin on Mercenaries, which adds new characters, including Lady Dimitrescu, with unique playstyles meant to shake up the multiplayer horror game.

The Resident Evil Village DLC will be available to those who already own the game or in a new Resident Evil Village Gold edition. Capcom also said Resident Evil Re:Verse, the troubled multiplayer battle royale, will launch alongside Shadows of Rose.

Steam players might have declared Village the best game of 2021, but Capcom is still showing older titles some love too. Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7 are all getting graphical enhancements on PC in the coming weeks.