Resident Evil Village five bells puzzle solution

The best vantage point to find all five bells explained

The five bells room in Resident Evil Village has a to-scale portrait of Lady Dimitrescu.

Want to know the Resident Evil Village five bells puzzle solution? The room with the five bells is found in Dimitrescu Castle and completing this puzzle is mandatory in order to progress. When you first enter the room, there is a note with a clue about ringing all five bells. There are several tricky mandatory puzzles in Resident Evil Village, such as the mannequin puzzle in the Beneviento mansion, but there are also some well-hidden optional puzzles that give fantastic rewards like the Resident Evil Village Riverbank treasure house puzzle and the violin house combination lock.

Back to the bells – ringing them is as simple as attacking them with the knife or shooting them with a gun, but that’s the easy bit. Finding them is a little trickier. The good news is that you don’t need to leave the room to ring them, so no need to put yourself at risk of becoming a human kebab on Lady Dimitrescu’s razor sharp claws.

Some of the bells are well hidden however, and finding the perfect spot to see all five bells can be tricky if you don’t know where to go. Here’s the Resident Evil Village five bells puzzle solution and the steps you need to take to complete it.

Resident Evil Village five bells puzzle solution

Here are the five Resident Evil Village bell locations:

  • As you enter the room, there’s a bell on the desk ahead of you.
  • Head up the stairs to your left as you enter the room. There’s a bell on the bookshelf on the right.
  • Shoot the chandelier while at the top of the stairs. It’ll tilt to reveal a bell. Shoot it again to ring the bell.
  • Look carefully at the window ahead of you at the top of the stairs. There is a bell tower ahead. Shoot the glass, then shoot the bell.
  • On your left, there’s a set of gaps where some pendulums are swinging. One of them is a bell that you can shoot. The best place to shoot from is at the top of the stairs, as it stops long enough for you to get a good shot.

Once you’ve shot all five bells in the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle, you will be able to progress. Soon you’ll be fighting against the first of the Resident Evil Village bosses, so you’ll want to make sure your Resident Evil Village weapon upgrades are as high as they can be.