Resident Evil Village mannequin puzzle solution

Here’s what you need to escape Donna Beneviento’s terrifying house

A mannequin laid on a table among mannequin parts hanging from the ceiling

Wondering how to solve the mannequin puzzle in Resident Evil Village? Not long after you complete the five bells puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu, your next challenge is to take down the mysterious Donna Beneviento. House Beneviento is unique as it removes every weapon from the player, forcing you to tackle this area without relying on your guns. Be warned, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any enemies lurking in the shadows…

The hardest challenge in this house is the mannequin puzzle, which requires you to complete several steps before you can progress to the next room. The puzzle doesn’t end there, as you’ll need to return to the mannequin in order to complete the film sequence in the same area. After you solve the mannequin puzzle, you only need to turn the power back on and head to the elevator to move on to the next area

Give our Resident Evil Village bosses guide a read if you want some advice on taking down the game’s toughest enemies. Here’s how you solve the mannequin puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

Finding the mannequin

As soon as you’ve found House Beneviento, open the front door and head to the brown door towards the middle of the room. Walk to the door on the right side of the room and follow the path until you reach the elevator. Take the elevator down to the next floor and follow the lamps to find the room filled with mannequin parts. Pick up the yellow flask held by the puppet to begin the mannequin puzzle.

Solving the mannequin puzzle

When the lights are turned back on, you will find yourself without any of your trusty weapons. Examine the mannequin’s right shoulder and remove the compartment to reveal the Silver Key. Look down again and examine the mannequin’s right arm, this time uncovering a metal disk with three closed eyes. Remember this pattern as it will come up again in a future puzzle.

Move to the other side of the table, giving you access to the left side of the mannequin. Examine the mannequin’s left hand and remove the Blood Covered Ring. Move down the table to examine the left leg which contains a Winding Key. Lastly, look at the mannequin’s face and check out its left eye – instead of a regular pupil you should see a flying bird. Again, it’s important to remember this as we’ll need it for another puzzle.

The inner side of Mia's wedding ring with the wedding date engraved

Using the Silver Key, open the door located on the left side of the room. Head to the sink, run the tap and clean the Blood Covered Ring. This will change the item into a Wedding Ring, which can now be examined. Take a close look at the Wedding Ring to find a combination code engraved on the inner side: 052911. Use this code to open the locked double doors.

Walk through the corridor until you find an open door on the left side of the room. Head towards the table to find a Music Box with a wedding topper. Insert the Winding Key to reveal the cylinders. In its current state, the music box doesn’t work because the cylinders haven’t been aligned. Rotate the cylinders until you can see three deep scratches appear on the left, middle, and right side. This will unlock the compartment beneath the box, revealing a pair of Tweezers.

Make your way back to the mannequin and use the Tweezers to reach the roll of film located within the mannequin’s mouth. Walk through the corridor again until you find a white door nearby the elevator. Look at the table and examine the rolls of film by the projector. In order to play the movie, you need to align the film in the correct order:

  • Rose’s toy
  • The Village of Shadows book
  • Rose sleeping
  • The Music Box
  • Mia’s Wedding Ring

The movie shows someone examining a well in the dark – there’s a ladder down the well but we don’t get to see any more, as the movie abruptly ends. When the projector stops playing, a hidden pathway is revealed behind one of the bookcases. Enter the pathway and grab the Scissors being held by a puppet on the right side of the room. Using the scissors, you can cut through the bloody bandages to reveal a shortcut back to the Silver Key room.

Film clips from Ethan and Mia's marriage arranged in order

Examine the mannequin’s bandages and cut through them using the Scissors. Underneath the bandages is a hidden compartment that contains a Brass Medallion. Walk through the passageway to the left of the double doors and make a right to find a locked door. Place the Brass Medallion in the door, change the bottom symbol to the three closed eyes, and change the left symbol to the flying bird.

Head down the stairs and enter the well using the ladder. The well is filled with old mannequin parts and the Breaker Box Key. You can use this key to gain access to the Relief of a Child. This item allows you to open the locked door with the mother on the front window. Reactivate the power by grabbing the Fuse from the room and insert it into the Breaker Box. This will reactive the elevator, allowing you to take on the boss.

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