Resident Evil Village recipes

Every recipe's unlockable perks and the ingredients needed to cook them

The Duke in Resident Evil Village has a shop with meats to the right of his trailer.

Want to know how to cook recipes in Resident Evil Village? In what may become one of the more polarising decisions, the latest Resident Evil game allows players to cook meals from foraged ingredients that offer permanent upgrades. The only ingredients on offer that we’ve seen so far is meat scavenged from the local farm animals.

Ingredients take up item slots, much like the guns, ammo, and herbs that you would normally have to play inventory Tetris with, so you need to ensure that you only gather what you need for the trip to The Duke’s Emporium. In addition to selling guns, ammo, and every one of the Resident Evil Village gun upgrades.

If you can get past the idea of shooting a ram – that’s just minding its own business – in the face, here is everything you need to know about Resident Evil recipes, from what yield of meats the animals provide to the currently known recipes in the game. We also have some clues from loosely translating the name of each dish as to what’s in it.


It’s not just Lycans that populate Resident Evil Village, there are plenty of livestock roaming the farmyards and fish swimming in ponds. You could challenge yourself to avoid killing any of the animals and using their meat for upgrades, and while we’d certainly love to see anyone attempt the ‘Any % vegetarian speedrun’, chances are that surviving is more important to the average player.

Some animals do fight back however, and it is entirely possible that your demise will come not from one of the Lycans or other monsters in Resident Evil Village, but from being gored by a ram’s horns or succumbing to a bite from a pig. You can learn more about hunting the many beasts in our Resident Evil Village hunting guide.

Here is every currently known animal in Resident Evil Village, and how many ingredients you’ll get for each one:

  • Ram: Meat x2
  • Pig: Meat x2
  • Chicken: Poultry x1
  • Fish: Fish x1
  • Catfish: Fish x2

To make your scavenged meats palatable, you’ll have to take them to The Duke’s Kitchen, found in The Duke’s Emporium, which is the big cart found in various places in the game. By handing over the right ingredients, The Duke will then cook local delicacies that will give you permanent upgrades upon consumption.

The Bird and Beast Pilaf dish in The Duke's Kitchen in Resident Evil Village has been cooked.


Here is every Resident Evil Village recipe, the ingredients needed to make them, and the rewards you get for making and eating them:

Recipe Ingredients Rewards
Herbed Fish Fish x3
Poultry x2
Health slightly increases permanently
Bird and Beast Pilaf Poultry x4
Meat x1
Damage taken when guarding decreases permanently
Three-Flavoured Mititei Fish x4
Poultry x2
Meat x3
Health increases permanently
Tochitura de Pui Poultry x4
Meat x3
Juicy Game x1
Health greatly increases permanently
Ciorba de Porc Fish x1
Meat x5
Quality Meat x1
Damage taken when guarding greatly decreases permanently
Sarmale de Peste Fish x6
Finest Fish x1
Movement speed increases permanently

A chicken is walking between a hanging pot and a house in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Animal locations

Here are all the Resident Evil Village animal locations:


  • There is a pig inside the barn of West Old Town to the side of the main house.
  • Once you’ve found Claudia Beneviento’s broken slab inside the crypt in the Maiden of War graveyard after completing House Beneviento, head back towards House Beneviento. On the way, you’ll find a ram in the Garden area.
  • Two pigs are snuffling away close to the Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzle, just before entering the elevator towards Moreau’s Lab.
  • Two rams will appear in the Graveyard after beating Moreau.
  • There’s more meat just outside of Otto’s Mill across the river.


  • Two chickens are clucking away in the gate behind the church. You’ll need the Iron Insignia key to open it.
  • Two chickens are in the small path southwest of Fallow Plot.
  • Three chickens are running around the garden of the house with the red chimney next to the Maiden of War.
  • Two chickens are at the reservoir between the dam controls and the first windmill.


  • Three fish are found in the cave as you exit Castle Dimitrescu. Make sure you hunt these now as you can’t come back here.
  • Head back to the door that leads from the village to Castle Dimitrescu after killing her. Just before the drawbridge, there’s a pond with a few fish swimming in it.
  • After the first boat trip, do not go inside the shack as you’ll miss the fish. Instead head deeper into the cave and you’ll find a pool with two catfish.
  • After killing Moreau, head back to the fisherman’s house where you first launch the boat. A new path is open to you. Head down it and in the pond at the bottom, there are two catfish.
  • After getting the crank, head back to the Altar where you place the vials, then head west on Lonesome Road. You’ll come across a drawbridge. Use the crank on the drawbridge and ride the boat downstream. At the end, hop off and turn left at the fork in the road. Two fish and the Finest Fish are in the pond ahead.

Otto’s Mill

One area of special mention is Otto’s Mill. This optional area has a rather difficult mini-boss that can summon Samca to distract you, while it chases you with its big hammer. Killing it will grant you access to the rest of the area, where you’ll find an abattoir that contains a whole bunch of meat and poultry, but weirdly only one fish. You can use this meat like the rest to cook up any remaining recipes.

Resident Evil Village Rare animal locations

In addition to the regular animals, there’s one ultra rare variant for every type of meat that’s required for the more advanced recipes. You can attempt to work out where to find these beasts for yourself simply by looking at the photographs and deciphering where they are based on clues in the photo. Well, it’s either that or just follow the directions below.

Here’s where to find all the Resident Evil Village rare animal ingredients:

A white pig, one of the rare meats to make Resident Evil Village recipes, is minding its own business in the back garden.

Quality Meat

This is found in Fallow Plot at the back of the house where you find Luiza and her father. This white pig only appears after defeating Lady Dimitrescu.

This azure bird, one of the rare meats to make Resident Evil Village recipes, is in a tree in the Graveyard.

Juicy Game

This one is found in Graveyard Head up the hill from the Maiden of War statue towards the crypt. There is a large tree behind it with an azure crow standing on one of the branches that you can shoot down. This azure crow may appear earlier, but definitely appears after defeating Donna Beneviento.

This yellow fish is the finest fish, one of the rare ingredients for making Resident Evil Village recipes.

Finest Fish

After getting the crank, head back to the Altar where you place the vials, then head west on Lonesome Road. You’ll come across a drawbridge. Use the crank on the drawbridge and ride the boat downstream. At the end, hop off and turn left at the fork in the road. The Finest Fish is in the pond ahead.

And that’s everything we know about Resident Evil Village recipes. While you’re here, why not check out some of our guides for optional puzzles? We have the code to open the violin house combination lock and the solution for the Resident Evil Village Riverbank treasure house. We also have walkthroughs for each of the Resident Evil Village bosses.