Resident Evil Village release time – here’s when the horror game unlocks

Looks like we now know when Capcom's new horror fest unlocks around the world

The time is fast approaching to sink our hungry little gnashers into the next Resident Evil game. The Resident Evil Village reviews are out, and the horror game’s launch is just a matter of hours away now – and, handily, Capcom has now let us know exactly when on May 7 we’ll be able to get stuck in on PC.

Fans excited to get started with Capcom’s imminent horror fest have asked about Village’s exact unlock time on Resetera, and it seems a representative of the studio has come to the rescue. Verified ‘Capcom USA’ user WBacon has posted its “rolling launch schedule for Steam”, given as countdown timers for three launch regions: Americas, Europe/APAC/rest of Asia, and Japan.

These are rolling counters, but if you add the hours, minutes, and seconds given, you end up with the Resident Evil Village release times being approximately 12am ET on May 7 / 9pm PT on May 6 for the Americas and 1am UK on May 7 for Europe/APAC/rest of Asia on Steam.

If you’re keen to work out what this means for your exact time zone and it’s not listed above, you can head to Timeanddate here to plug in the above the above times and covert them to find out.

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For now, though, you can spend those remaining hours reading our Resident Evil Village review to get a flavour of what’s coming. Our own Dustin Bailey reckons it “pulls the best bits from the series’ past and recombines them into something fresh and surprising”, and that while it “can’t maintain that momentum for its entire run… Village’s heights are among the best in Resident Evil’s illustrious history”.