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New Resident Evil film made by fans is out now and actually good

A new Resident Evil film, made by fans and starring the original Chris Redfield, is a gory recreation of the horror game’s most famous file.

New Resident Evil film: Chris Redfield appears on the box for Capcom survival horror game Resident Evil

Resident Evil films are normally bad. The Paul W. S. Anderson series varies between overengineered action and outright incoherence. The animated films are more faithful, but that strength is also their weakness – the closer you stick to RE’s actual characters and story, the less you have to work with, drama and plot never being Resident Evil’s long suits. Welcome to Raccoon City remains, to my mind, the only good RE film, or at least, the only good official one. Created by fans, a new Resident Evil film stars (no pun intended) the original and greatest Chris Redfield. It’s surprisingly excellent, and you can watch it right now.

The original Resident Evil – that is the 1996 one, not the bland, self-serious 2002 remake – is enjoying a resurgence right now. Re-released last week on GOG, the Capcom classic that pioneered survival horror games is now partly reimagined in a new fan film. It takes but two words – “itchy. Tasty” – to strike fear (and pangs of excitement and nostalgia) into the hearts of true blue Resident Evil fans. The Keeper’s Diary, directed by Andrew Saullo, is an adaptation of the eponymous collectible journal that details an Umbrella staffer’s descent into zombiedom. One of the eeriest discoveries in the original RE, the fan film is a serious labor of love that unites some of the community’s most notable figures.

New Resident Evil film: Chris Redfield fights a zombie in Capcom survival horror game Resident Evil

Luke De La Nougerede, better known as ‘Nougie,’ serves as director of photography. Before Twitch and GDQ, Nougie and his pal Nathan hosted Resident Evil Challenge, a YouTube series wherein the two attempted to beat several RE games over the course of one night.

Perhaps more recognisable is Charlie Kraslavsky, the one-time actor who played Chris Redfield in the opening and closing cutscenes of the 1996 classic. Kraslavsky takes the role of the titular keeper – his voiceover performance, as he reads aloud pages from his character’s increasingly erratic diary, is fantastic, a perfect combination of gravitas, black comedy, and schlock horror that feels right at home in Resident Evil.

The CGI work with the Hunter is impressive, and the makeup and gore effects (I especially love the ‘doggy food’) are equal to anything we’ve seen from the studios. There’s even a little tease after the credits that Capcom fans will adore – and that I won’t spoil. All told, The Keeper’s Diary is one of the best Resident Evil fan movies of all time. You can watch it below:

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