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Respawn dial down Titanfall matchmaking changes “to help players find games”

Titanfall: matchmade in Angel City?

Respawn last week sold us on the idea of a revamped matchmaking system for Titanfall, but have since eased off a bit on the vamping. They’ll work on improving the system and tackling some new bugs – while ensuring players can find games in the meantime.

“We turned down the effect of the new matchmaking to help players find games while we work on fixing bugs and making improvements,” tweeted the developers.

The most apparent change in the new matchmaking system has been a longer wait time. Respawn have tweaked the ratio of quality to speed, in the hope of guaranteeing “closer games that are worth staying in for a longer period of time”.

Beyond that, the system also introduces a new stage to matchmaking – whereby two opposing teams are rematched once one side begins to emerge as a consistent winner.

“Did you lose to a really great team? We’ll make them disappear and replace them with a new opposing team – and they will have no idea that you just got your butts kicked,” said Respawn last week. “This should end some of the frustration with playing for extended periods when you’re having an off night.”

If one team does particularly well, they’ll now find their individual skill rankings updated – and be rematched against similarly skilled enemies.

Respawn expected to tweak the system after it was implemented last week – but it seems a higher than expected number of players have been left unable to find games.

Still: Titanfall’s Wimbledon of aimbot contests looks to be working a treat. Have you encountered any problems with the vertically-inclined shooter? As PCGN commenter unwanted pointed out last week, there’s nothing in the new matchmaking system to counter the occasional shoddy team.

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