The next gamer frontier is gaming beds with RGB lighting

I can't look away

Yes, before you ask – it is, in fact, a slow news day. Like any (at-home) office worker with time to spare, I spend the downtime looking at Reddit, and today that’s brought me knowledge that should be forbidden. Something that rides such a fine line between magic and horror that I can scarcely tell which side it’s landing on: RGB-lit gamer beds.

You can build them custom, as SlickTread showcases in a video on the PC Master Race subreddit, using a WS2815 LED strip and a QuinLED-Dig-Uno control system. The results are just about what you’d expect – a normal bed, but with undulating lights in various colours, just as we true gamers love them.

But you don’t have to do a custom setup if you want one of these romantic-partner-filters for yourself. You can, in fact, find dedicated bed RGB lighting at your favourite online retailers, ready to make your place of sleep glow with gentle hue that says either ‘I really like PC gaming’ or ‘I really like cars’. (Your choice which to tell visitors.)

You can take a look at the custom setup below.

I upgraded my gaming bed from r/pcmasterrace

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