Rhianna Pratchett won’t be returning to pen Mirror’s Edge reboot

Faith: rebooted, but not rebanded.

Rhianna Pratchett, original Mirror’s Edge and Tomb Raider scribe, won’t be working on DICE’s reboot of the series. Pratchett was responding to questions on Twitter about the game when she revealed that she wouldn’t be involved. The original’s story – although told in an interesting world – was not very strong, something Pratchett recognises, and explains was due to the script being hacked to pieces.

It’s a shame, though, as she’s a talented writer and breathed new life into Lara Croft, transforming the tomb raiding aristocrat from a tired male masturbatory fantasy into a well-rounded, compelling protagonist. I would have loved to see what she could have done for this new Mirror’s Edge, but alas it was not meant to be.

Pratchett also revealed that one of the limitations she had to deal with was a bewildering decision to remove all of Faith’s level dialogue, no doubt hampering how much she could develop the character.

She did, however, write a 6-part prequel for DC Comics, if you fancy seeing her take on the world absent the constraints of games writing.

Cheers, VG24/7.