Richard Garriott teases a thing: “Lord British Presents”


Occasional space tourist, Ultima creator, Origin founder and ‘industry legend’ Richard ‘Lord British’ Garriott is quite a big deal. 

And it looks like he’s back in business. Just a few hours ago a teaser site appeared for “Lord British Presents…”

Here we go.

Garriott is best known for the Ultima series of games: deep RPGs that blended large explorable worlds and deep crafting mechanics. In those games, Garriott would star as ‘Lord British’, the lord of the fantasy world of Britannia. Don’t get your hopes up for a direct sequel to Ultima IX – EA will surely still own the rights to the series.

But that doesn’t prevent Garriott from building a spiritual successor. And if he were, Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing platforms would be an obvious route to get the game made.

I would suggest following Garriott on twitter for clues from the horses mouth. The most recent being this following picture:

Beats me what this could mean, but concept art is a good bet. MMO blogger Ark’s Ark seems to have an interesting take on it, almost too interesting. Maybe he is in on it as well?