Rift is getting its first brand new class: The Primalist

Rift Primalist

Rift hasn’t had a new class – or calling as they’re known in the game – since the game launched. So it’s about time we had something new and shiny. The brand new Primalist calling will be added to the game with the upcoming 3.4 update. Take a look at the calling in action in this trailer.

The Primalist’s core mechanic is based on the powers of fury and cunning. A focus bar is displayed in combat, and the further to either end of the bar you push the meter, the more the power of either fury or cunning will affect your attacks.

Rift’s callings are the mechanical side of their classes, and the souls you use dictate your actual combat role. The six souls for the Primalist are ranged DPS Vulcanist, the close DPS Berserker, the mage-like Typhoon, the tank Titan, the quick-attacking Dervish, and healing Preserver. A further four souls will be released later.

Update 3.4 will launch with six souls and bring with it new content including the Planetouched Wilds expedition zone, Lord Arak Raid, Rhazade Canyons dungeon and more.