See the first level of co-op shoot-’em-up RiftStar Raiders in this developer walkthrough


If you want old school shoot-’em-up gameplay with a modern twist, RiftStar Raiders from Climax Studios should fit the bill nicely. In this gameplay trailer, designer Marc Manuello takes us through the first level and the inspirations behind its design decisions. The video also explores how the game stays true to genre classics while pushing the shmup forward.

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There’s a single-player mode available, which you can see in action in the trailer, but the real attraction is four-player online co-op. When completing missions in multiplayer, you’ll have to team up to take out enemies and solve puzzles, like having one player tow a heavy object while another protects them from enemies.

The full version of the game will include nine co-op missions, and you’ll be able to customise your spacecraft with perks and cash found in-game. Much like an MMO character, you can equip your ship with the parts that suit your particular playstyle. You can be a glass cannon, a bullet sponge, or any other number of builds.

While there isn’t a solid release date yet for RiftStar Raiders, Climax Studios have announced a loose window of sometime in 2017.