Rigging up Cryengine 3’s Physics to a truck simulator


While Crytek like their physics to be large and overbearing, which is something I put on a cheerleader outfit and kick my legs to show the level of support I have for such things, there are others out there who like physics to be subtle, accurate. That’s what the Rig of Rods (http://www.rigsofrods.com) developers are aiming for: they’ve ported the soft-body physics engine that powers their truck sim into the Cryengine 3 (http://mycryengine.com/), and the results have me picking up my pom-poms. Give me an “R!”…

This looks to be more than just a tech demo: the developers have spent months updating Crytek’s tech. Everything from the gentle wobble of a truck going over a slight bump in the road to the devastating metallic grinding and bending when that truck hits the corner of a building at 88mph has been captured. Observe.

Rig of Rods has always had a lo-fi charm, the sort of functional graphics you forgive when you know that the point is the feel and not the look. It’s still about the feel, but now there’s nothing to forgive. It’s not out, yet, but the fans of the world’s most accurate truck physics sim are probably tossing their money at the screen right now.