New RimWorld update stops mechs blowing things up, adds better catering

The popular management game is getting another patch with tweaks and quality-of-life improvements

Another update has landed for the popular survival-simulation game RimWorld. This one is similar to the previous patch back in October, as it also comes with a wide range of fixes and balance tweaks. Some more critical issues have finally been put to bed as well.

Mechs will no longer be so trigger-happy and decide to breach every wall, building, or fence in your settlement. The enemy AI raid strategies have been adjusted so that breachers only appear around a third of the time instead of, like, all the time. They will also focus more on impassable buildings like key defensive walls, instead of those sheds you’ve got out back.

The catering is also about to get a lot better. The developers have added new management tools so that you can better handle the needs of vegetarian, carnivore, and eat-anything colonists that all live under the same roof. There are even new meal textures that will vary depending on ingredients. The update brings plenty of other miscellaneous changes, too, so make sure you check out the full patch notes for more details. Save games should be compatible.

RimWorld’s most recent expansion, Ideology, was released back in July, which added new belief systems to the game. If you’re looking for other ways to spice up your session there are some excellent RimWorld mods as well, or you can check out these other great games like RimWorld.