RimWorld’s Wanderlust update adds randomly-generated globes for full planetary exploration

RimWorld Wanderlust

RimWorld now has fully modelled globes so players can explore planets in all their spherical glory. Flat-earthers everywhere just got owned.

There are loads more planets in our list of the best space games if you wasn’t sure what share celestial bodies are. 

As well as opening up the game for more meaningful exploration – who’s going to circumnavigate their world? – the day and night cycle is now dependant on the location of the sun, so there are time-zones, poles and everything.

The poles also bring a new biome: the sea ice biome. Where ice biomes still have animals and resources, the sea ice biome is just dead land floating on water. Only head there if you have the supplies for it, then.

Additionally, you can now set the overall temperature and rainfall level of your planet upon generation, setting it low for an ice planet of turning up the rainfall and cranking up the heat for a jungle planet.

Because of this new scope for adventure, there’s a new ‘Travel’ victory ending. During your playthrough you might be offered a ship on which you can escape the planet on. Thing is, it’ll be the other side of the world, so you’ll need to make a pilgrimage and solve all the problems that pop up from such a journey.

Check out the video embedded above for a full breakdown, or head to Steam for the patch notes.