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Twitch bans shower sim Rinse & Repeat; dev Robert Yang calls policy a "disgrace"

Rinse and Repeat

Robert Yang is a solo developer whose Half-Life 2 experiment, Radiator, made our 100 best mods on PC. Since then he’s made a series of thoughtful games about sex and LGBT issues, like Stick Shift, which Steve covered in his column (fnar) about Having Lots of Sex With Men in Videogames.

Yang's latest is Rinse & Repeat, a game about washing a muscly man in sunglasses in a public shower. It’s also about delayed gratification and consent, but that seemed to be lost on Twitch, who banned the game from streaming this week.

Twitch’s rules of conduct dictate that nudity “can’t be a core focus or feature” of a streamed game.

“Occurrences in game are okay,” they explain, “so long as you do not make them a primary focus of your stream and only spend as much time as needed in the area to progress the game's story.”

Yang wrote on his blog that the rules erase the context of his work and ignore how nudity is presented - “instead focusing on a nonsensical formal distinction where 'nudity is okay if it's only a fraction of the game’”.

“The idea that nudity and sex are allowed on Twitch, only when it’s tangential and exploitative, is a fucking disgrace,” he says. “It sends conservative messages for what is allowed to be a ‘real game’, and discourages artistic experimentation from developers for fear of being banned from Twitch.”

Given the rising impact of streams on sales, that's no small consideration for a developer.

Yang believes the rules stick Rinse & Repeat in the same bracket as some really horrific stuff: “This equivocation is offensive to me, when I focus heavily on ideas of consent, boundaries, bodies, and respect in my games.”

Here are, in our opinion, the best adult games on PC. Beginning with ‘Pretty much every Bioware game since 2005’.

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Flappers avatarInquisitar avatarTovias avatarBobBarker avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

I agree here, it is a disgrace. When nudity is used to benefit Twitch themselves, it's all good, but all other cases, it gets banned.

All you need to do is go to the top league of legends streams, and see how many women are there, using half the screen as a webcam, while wearing some low cut top, squeezing their breasts together, while those breasts in question are the center of the webcam.

I've literally seen (no fucking joke here), going to a LoL stream some time ago, click on what looked like a gameplay thumbnail... which then after just a couple of minutes, it switched to some teenage (looked underage) girl, dressed in a home made gragas (I think it's the champions name) kit, obviously with cut-outs in random unfortunate places, jumping around her room to some random music...

The twitch chat was going mental, screaming at her to show tits and all that.

There was zero gameplay there... it was unbelievable.

I reported the channel, and send screenshots in the report. Still, to this day, the channel is up and running. Though I don't watch LoL streams anymore, so I stopped giving a shit.

Twitch are arseholes when it comes to this sort of thing. They'll create rules that apply to the 99%, but not to the 1% of streamers who generate them the most income.

Inquisitar Avatar
2 Years ago

So twitch is shit what else new

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Another argument to not support Twitch, then! I haven't in quite some time. I and mine are all over Hitbox and its loveliness. It is, as they say, 'the new hotness.' Why one would even bother with Twitch in the first place other than it being the mainstream choice is quite beyond me.

What with it being bought out and all now by Amazon (which I hear is apparently one of the most toxic environments one could possibly have nightmares about working in), it's gone from merely terrible to bloody awful.

As I said, I know it has the hip, cool mainstream appeal and all that; It's what the kids clique around; It's down with the street, et cetera. I know all that. It's just that every day there are very good arguments made to simply not go there. This is another for the pile.

Tovias Avatar
2 Years ago

Did they ever gave a damn about that no clevage rule?

BobBarker Avatar
2 Years ago

People applauded Twitch's puritanism when they banned Hatred, but boo when those exact same rules ban a game they're personally interested in.