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League of Legends preseason changes continue: roles and positions see improvements


Riot are continuing to tinker with League of Legends during the game’s preseason sleepytime, having already taken a scalpel to the League system, as well as changed how map vision works. Now they’re casting a critical eye over their support roles and jungler positions, while also introducing a host of improvements to the game flow of Summoner’s Rift. With all of these transformations taking place over the coming days and weeks, Riot have helpfully launched a mini-site dedicated to tracking League of Legend’s Preseason changes.

Support roles are getting a payrise, boosting their late game income through items, as well as having their levelling curve massaged into shape, which should prevent the most effective players from falling behind their teammates. New masteries will help address the same income and levelling imbalance for carry-style junglers, leading to a huge increase in late game impact for a range of champions.

Summoner’s Rift is meanwhile having some of its top lane long-grass tidied up, because apparently wards weren’t illuminating some spots as precisely as they should have been. Riot have summarised the alterations in a short explanatory video:

The League of Legends Preseason site will continue to monitor the balance adjustments as they come, and come they shall, like an army of tiny preseason shoe elves.

Thanks, Reign of Gaming.