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Riot brings on a former Uber exec for its “culture strike team”

Riot has brought on a new hire to help fix its culture

In the midst of allegations regarding a sexist culture at the studio, League of Legends developer Riot has acknowledged the need for change. Today, the company has announced that Frances Frei will join the company’s company’s diversity and inclusion initiative and “culture strike team” as a senior advisor.

Riot says that executives – including the CEO, COO, president, and founders – have been meeting with Frei over the past several weeks, beginning “intensive work with our cultural transformation team.” She’ll soon host educational and working sessions with Riot employees around the world.

“In my interactions with Rioters,” Frei says in the official announcement, “I’ve seen extraordinary levels of engagement on these issues across the company. Every Rioter with whom I’ve met truly cares about inclusion, which means real change is possible.”

Frei’s name was in the name last year as the ‘fixer’ brought in to wrangle the infamous work culture at Uber. As Recode reports, she returned to her full-time teaching position at Harvard earlier this year, but now seems to be heading into a similar role with Riot.

Riot directly addressed the reports of sexist culture late last month, apologising and promising to “leave no room for sexism or misogyny” at the company. There remain some points of controversy, however. As Kotaku reports, two employees left the company earlier this month under unclear circumstances after they publicly condemned the response to a controversial PAX panel.