Riot is working on a game that isn’t League of Legends – and it’s even bigger

Update, October 5: In a special ‘Ask Riot’ video, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer confirms that Riot is working on a new game.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer is the latest person to confirm that developer Riot Games is working on a new title. In a special episode of the studio’s ‘Ask Riot’ series, Andrei ‘Meddler’ Van Roon said that the company would release another “larger game some day.”

That Riot is working on new games is one of its worst-kept secrets. Back in August, one of the company’s co-founders, Marc Merrill, confirmed that the developer is looking into projects across several genres. The overall aim seems to be to release a handful of new games every decade or so.

But it now seems that Riot is potentially getting closer to an official announcement. Merrill’s interview was with Variety, but Van Roon’s latest comments came in a video posted on the official League of Legends YouTube channel. Admittedly, his tease was nestled right at the end of the video (which you can watch below), but this is the first direct admission to the game’s fanbase that a new game is on the way.

The video features Van Roon alongside gameplay producer Jessica ‘Safelocked’ Nam, lead champion designer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, and personalisation lead producer Anna ‘Supercakes’ Donlon. Towards the end of the video, they answer a question about the pluralising ‘S’ at the end of Riot Games, and whether the studio is going to release a new game in the future.

There are some comments about the Riot board game, and some of the smaller mobile and browser games they’ve released, but according to Variety, Merrill dismissed those as not representative of the studio’s second title. Right at the end of the video, Meddler asks whether Riot plans to release “any larger, other games someday.” Safelocked says that’s a “mystery,” but then Meddler stage-whispers a very pointed “yes” to the camera.

That new game could be anything from the League of Legends fighting game that was rumoured after Riot absorbed Rising Thunder a few years ago, to the League of Legends MMO that Merrill himself tweeted about. As for when we might actually see that game, it’s anybody’s guess, but as I said above, it seems that Riot is finally willing to admit its new project directly to its audience.

Until we know more, you can stay up to date with League of Legends – the first round of Worlds 2018 concluded yesterday, and the League of Legends patch 8.20 notes are due to drop next week, bringing Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger and a fresh Ezreal rework to the Rift.