Rip off your ears: Sadwick returns in The Whispered World II

Sadwick returns in The Whispered World 2

Update: I was just informed that Sadwick will be voiced by an entirely different actor, which is a massive relief. Daedalic’s last few offerings have seen a big improvement in the quality of the English voiceovers, so hopefully The Whispered World II will continue this trend.

There are very few games I won’t review. I once reviewed a completely broken game about lobsters and flashing lights. More recently I reviewed Call of Duty: Ghosts (and haven’t shut up about it since). But I couldn’t review Daedalic’s The Whispered World, because I simply couldn’t finish it. It was gorgeous, contained some fairly inventive puzzles and was, at times, deliciously hard, which is how I like my adventure games. The reason I couldn’t finish it was because it contained what might be one of the most grating, nasally, irritating protagonists ever conceived by man or beast. 

The moment Sadwick, the aforementioned grating git, opened his gob, I just wanted to go on holiday. He was a clown, to boot, which just made it so much worse. So I was quite glad to discover that The Whispered World II would feature two different protagonists, and thus maybe be a game I could actually play through without physically harming myself. 

“Ha ha!” Daedalic yelled. “We’re actually putting Sadwick in the game after all!” God damn it.

I’m not used to getting press releases that actually inform me of something terrible that’s happening to a game, but that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Inexplicably, one of The Whispered World II’s protagonists (part of a brother and sister duo) is Sadwick. He’s also a chap call Noah, but he’s somehow become the infuriating clown.

Why? I don’t know? Maybe because someone at Daedalic thinks that all the people who despised Sadwick were doing so ironically, so they had to fit him in somehow.

Anyway, here’s a pretty trailer to soften this terrible blow.