Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends get snatched up in 38 Studios auction

Results of the 38 Studios auction are in

In the aftermath of Kingdoms of Amalur developer 38 Studios’ liquidation, its assets have gone to auction. While the studio’s MMO project, Project Copernicus, received “no acceptable offers,” according to law firm Chace Ruttenberg & Freedman, the Rise of Nations/Legends IP got snatched up by an undisclosed bidder along with the Big Huge Games trademark. 

Amalur was a surprisingly enjoyable, but terribly paced, RPG, but it was not enough to stop the studio from closing its doors, much to the dismay of Rhode Island after the state’s Economic and Development Corporation gave it a $75 million loan. Project Copernicus was in development when the studio declared bankruptcy. 

While Big Huge Games no longer exists – making the acquisition of the trademark unusual – I’m glad to see the excellent Rise strategy series potentially getting a second chance at life. When 38 Studios acquired Big Huge Games, it was put to work on developing Kingdoms of Amalur, and with a sequel to the RPG being planned and the MMO, it didn’t look like 38 Studios was all that interested in exploring the venerable franchise.

The bidder has not been revealed by Chace Ruttenberg & Freedman, but hopefully we’ll hear from the new owners soon. Negotiations continue in regards to the rest of the dead studio’s assets, so it might not be the last we’ve heard of Copernicus.

Cheers, Game Front