Rise of the Tomb Raider release date on PC “early 2016”

Rise of the Tomb Raider release date PC

Rise of the Tomb Raider now has a PC release date. Or, more specifically, a release window: Lara Croft’s next unpleasant adventure will shake off the shackles of Microsoft and Square Enix’s horrible timed-exclusive deal and land on PC next year, though it doesn’t get more specific than “early 2016”. 

These sorts of timed exclusives usually end up being a lot longer, sometimes up to a year, so it’s not so bad, only waiting a few months tops. It’s launching on Microsoft’s consoles in November.

If you’re not up to speed, Lara returns from her harrowing adventures to find herself discredited and the victim of a cover up. A little miffed about that, she ends up going on a trip to Siberia to find the secret to immortality, because that’s exactly what anyone would do in her situation. Get screwed over? Find an ancient mystery in a dangerous part of the world.

Here’s that chilly gameplay demo from E3 again, if you missed it.

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