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Rise of the Triad release date is more commonly known as July 31


Rise of the Triad was totally outrageous, wasn’t it? Remember that power-up that turned you into a dog? Yeah, well. That’s in the new Call of Duty now.

So perhaps Interceptor’s Unreal 3-powered remake won’t tickle the shock glands in quite the same way the original ROTT once did, but it will allow us to sprint about some springboard-laden maps for less than $15. And get hold of a couple of other Apogee notables in the process.

Pre-order before the end of the month and you’ll also get the Apogee Throwback Pack. The collection of ye olde shooters is made up of both Blake Stone games, the original Rise of the Triad and its expansion pack, Extreme Rise of the Triad – almost all of which are already available separately on GOG.com, incidentally.

Pre-orders can be processed via Apogee, Steam, GOG or Green Man Gaming. Here’s your incentive:

Dogs! They’re still in it. Are you at all tempted?