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This week’s free games from Epic include the best Vietnam War FPS

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Abzu are this week's free games from the Epic Games Store

October 8, 2020 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Abzu are now free on the Epic Games Store.

Well, PC gang, it’s Thursday again, and that means we have another batch of free PC games on offer from the Epic Games Store. Pikuniku is sadly gone, but we’ve got some suitable replacements. As of now, you can pick up Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Abzu for free.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is probably the best Vietnam War-themed FPS game on the market today. It’s from Tripwire, the folks who brought us the Killing Floor series, so you know you’re going to be getting weapons that feel big and powerful, even if the historic layer is on the thin side. It’s focused on big 64-player battles that can include the North Vietnamese Army, the Viet Cong, ARVN, US Army and Marine Corps, and Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) forces. You can even use visual filters like ‘Woodstock’ to give matters a trippier ’60s vibe.

You can also get Abzu free of charge from Epic. There could hardly be a game more unlike Rising Storm 2: Vietnam than Abzu – it’s a meditative, beautiful game about exploring the ocean and discovering the plants and animals that live in it.

Abzu is on our list of the best chill games on PC, and for good reason: it’s soothing mix of colourful visuals and expansive, calming music provides a kind of trance-like experience, similar in many ways to Journey. That’s no accident, as director Matt Nava and composer Austin Wintory, as well as several other members of the Abzu development team, also worked on Journey.

If you’ve been picking up Epic’s free games since the store launched, Abzu will already be in your library: it was offered in September 2019 as a weekly free game.

So there you have it: next week, you’ll be able to run through the jungle in Vietnam with white knuckles around your M16, and relax in the majestic, sun-dappled waters of Abzu. These games will be free until October 15.