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Risk of Rain patch 1.2 adds killer chef and Aliens-inspired Loader

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If Gordon Ramsey’s to be believed, chefs are angry people. They swear, shout, and hit things when they don’t get their way. Chefs haven’t always been this way so it’s a fair assumption that over time they’re getting worse.

Skip to the future-set side-scrolling roguelike Risk of Rain and Chef makes a lot more sense. He's one of the two new characters added in the 1.2 update. A killer robot cook, Chef throws cleavers, blasts flames from his chest oven, and lets you tear your enemies limb from limb.

Risk of Rain’s 1.2 update’s been a long time coming but when you see what’s in it you won’t be disappointed.

The other new character is Loader. Inspired by Amanda Ripley’s heavy-lifting exoskeleton in Aliens, he can punch enemies with his pneumatic arms, activate a personal shield, and fire a grappling cable into walls and enemies to yank himself across the map. Better still, his special attack is to drop down two tesla pylons that fry every enemy in between.

In my brief time with the update this morning I only came across one of the ten new items - A Bundle of Fireworks. The way it works is that every time you open a chest it launches a load of homing missiles at your enemies.

The other new items are:

  • Chunk of Amethyst: Reset all cooldowns. Approximately 7 second cooldown

  • Thqwib: Releases a cloud of flying creatures in the direction you are facing, flying through terrain and hurting enemies

  • Dynamite Plunger: Hitting an enemy drops a stick of dynamite. Use the item to explode all dynamite.

  • Taser: Chance on hit to snare an enemy

  • Bundle of fireworks: Opening a chest launches fireworks at nearby enemies.

  • Hopoo Feather: +1 Jump

  • Red Whip: Move faster out of combat

  • Frost Relic: On kill, spawn 3 icicles that rotate around you and do damage to enemies.

  • Laser Turbine: Using skills charges a laser blast that is released once the meter is at max.

  • Interstellar Desk Plant: On kill, sprout a tree that grows healing fruit. Fruit regrow after several seconds.

I’ve sunk more than 30 hours into Risk of Rain already and after this update I can easily see myself returning for another 10.

The full patch notes are on the next page.

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