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You can play Road to Vostok real soon, and it looks very impressive

Road to Vostok, the realistic survival game being built by a single person, will soon be back on Steam with a huge public demo, and it’s looking extremely good.

Road to Vostok demo: A soldier from survival game Road to Vostok begins crossing a desolate landscape

Road to Vostok is coming back to Steam in the next few months, as solo developer ‘Antti’ shares new details on weapon mechanics, combat, locations, and more for the ultra-realistic survival game. Combining elements of Metro, Stalker, DayZ, PUBG, and others, Road to Vostok has already seen a huge uptake of players as it works its way through early access. Now, a new demo is announced, and we get a glimpse of the ultra-detailed shooting and looting mechanics across the eponymous survivalist landscape.

The objective is simple – beginning in the middle of the Eastern European tundra, your job is to gradually fight your way to the titular region of Vostok. Gather supplies, maintain your weapons, and keep an eye on various physical meters like stamina as you cross the perilous terrain.

In a gigantic new devlog, Antti, a former soldier in the Finnish military, shares details on Road to Vostok’s shelter system. Shelters act both as waypoints and dedicated, interior maps in Road to Vostok, allowing you to plan travel to the next defensible location. The first of these, simply titled Village, will be available in the game’s next demo, and act as an important stopover as you battle through hostile border checkpoints en route to Vostok itself.

Shelters also allow you to stock and store items, thanks to Road to Vostok’s distinct inventory system. Essentially, every item in the game is a dedicated physical object, and when you take it out of your backpack, you can pick it up and place it onto a shelf or into a cupboard to collect again later. Shelters save exactly where you left your items, so if you pack a bunch of ammo clips or first-aid kits onto a bookcase, when you come back, they’ll be exactly where you left them.

Similar to Far Cry 2, shelters will include a computer that you can use for trading, and of course a bed that you use for resting and – in the game’s full release – advancing time.

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As for when Road to Vostok will be playable, Antti says that the next public demo, allowing you to test all these features and more, will launch in Fall 2023. That means we could be playing Road to Vostok as soon as September. However, you don’t even have to wait for the public demo, as Patreon donors will shortly have access to a new development build, which will launch in the near future. You can check out the Patreon here.

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