Roblox’s Adopt Me devs are starting a studio to “minimize overwork and burnout”

The folks behind Roblox's Adopt Me are now known as Uplift Games, and the company's mission statement is 'keeping devs healthy'

If you – like just about everyone else over the age seven – are still trying to figure out what Roblox is, the short version is that it’s basically a game development platform. Some of the top creators on Roblox are getting big payouts, and the developers behind the biggest game on the platform are funneling that success into a new development studio designed to help keep their team healthy.

The folks behind Adopt Me have announced the launch of Uplift Games, a proper studio with 40 developers spread across North America and the UK. Uplift is billed as a “remote-first, flexible-working studio,” and the idea of working to “minimize overwork and burnout” is a big part of the company’s introductory press release, and it’s part of the studio’s pitch to existing fans.

“We’ll save everyone the complicated legal details,” founders NewFissy and Bethink say in an open letter to Adopt Me players, “but basically, the new studio entity has allowed us to offer excellent benefits to our staff globally, such as great health care and flexible remote jobs. Thanks to the support of all of you, we’re able to provide stability to our team members in an otherwise unpredictable time.”

Development on Adopt Me will continue, and the new Uplift Games website makes regular mention of “metaverse experiences” – meaning more games for Roblox and platforms like it. If you want to work for Uplift, there are a load of job listings on the site, too, with starting salaries helpfully attached.

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