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Roblox’s Doors horror game is too much for YouTubers to handle

Roblox's Doors debuted August 10, and since then, Roblox content creators have flocked to the horror game that some say might be the platform's scariest yet

Roblox Doors monster Rush attacks.

Roblox’s Doors, a recently-released horror game from developer LSPLASH, has rapidly risen in popularity among content creators, whose fans have joined in on the fun. The survival-style horror game game debuted on August 10 and now has more than 86 million visits and 237,000 likes.

Doors takes place in a giant, mansion-like hotel that appears to have an endless number of doors. The objective is to find and go through each numbered door in consecutive order. Players only get one life, though they can purchase a revive with Robux. 

Some rooms in Doors are straightforward, but many require the player to solve small puzzles. While the game doesn’t force players to abide by a time limit, they must avoid some otherworldly beings that sweep through unexpectedly. These include creatures like Eyes, which will drain your life if you look at them, and Rush, a creature that you must hide from once the game signals the creature is nearby. 

Roblox Doors: Eyes watches from behind an open door.

Players who join the main experience can play with up to three others during their runs. The game also provides some small perks that players can purchase with in-game currency, such as vitamins that add health, speed boosts, and a flashlight to help see in dark areas. You can earn this currency by rifling through drawers in each room.

Since its launch, the game has garnered attention from top Roblox YouTubers, including KreekCraft, Thinknoodles and Flamingo, along with popular variety gaming personalities, such as 8-BitRyan, iShowSpeed, and xQc, who experienced a hilarious jump scare just moments into his playthrough.

Thinknoodles titled his first video about Doors “The scariest game on Roblox?” which attests to his feelings as its quality. The content creators are also lauding the game for its replayability, as the roguelike game’s levels change between playthroughs. 

Roblox YouTubers often inspire their audiences to check out the games they play. So, perhaps it’s not a surprise to see Doors taking off in popularity in the past few weeks.

Doors also feels unique because, while the graphics aren’t particularly high fidelity, it looks so much like an indie horror game that it’s hard to believe it’s built within Roblox, a sandbox game. Many Roblox developers typically prefer cartoonish aesthetics that resonate with younger audiences, but Doors shows the platform’s full potential for building games that require specific ambiance. This underscores Roblox’s recent push toward aesthetic upgrades, including layered clothing and a materials overhaul, both of which were developed at least in part to attract older users.

The game’s rapid rise in popularity is also an example of how older players are engaging with Roblox. The company recently shared the insight that many of its third-party developers are developing Roblox experiences for players 13 and older. Perhaps Doors’s success will inspire even more developers to create horror games with similar tones. Other popular horror games on the platform include Piggy, where players must escape from anthropomorphic beings, and 3008, a base-building game inspired by SCP-3008, more popularly known as the ‘infinite IKEA.’

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