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Roblox fashion expands even further with in-game Tommy Hilfiger shop

In Roblox’s metaverse, interest in avatar fashion mimics interest in real-life fashion. Iconic brands like Tommy Hilfiger are taking notice.

A Roblox avatar in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt holds a can of spray paint.

Tommy Hilfiger is the latest iconic brand to set up shop in Roblox’s ever-expanding fashion world with Tommy Play, an immersive experience designed to showcase the Hilfiger’s newest styles. Tommy Play showcases the Tommy Jeans Pop collection, which features windbreakers, hoodies, and accessories, including bucket hats. While Hilfiger fashion is on display front and centre, the real draw for many players is the parkour, bike courses, freeze tag, and other interactive events designed to get people playing while they learn more about everything the brand has to offer.


Hilfiger is far from the first fashion brand to jump into the metaverse with Roblox. The endeavour follows on the heels of Karli Kloss’s Klossette Designer Showcase, which is still live on the platform, where players can teleport to popups tied to five different Roblox experiences to purchase avatar items with Robux. In 2021, Vans introduced Vans World, an area for players to collect Vans items and also spend Robux, the platform’s in-game currency, on other specialty Vans items.

A broad view of Roblox's Tommy Play experience, showcasing the Bronx as imagined in the metaverse.

Perhaps the most memorable Roblox fashion tie-in was Gucci Garden,  a limited Gucci collection of items designed specifically for Roblox. It’s particularly notable because the event’s rarest piece, the Gucci Dionysus Bag with Bee, was resold on the Roblox marketplace for more than $4,100 worth of Robux — more than the price of an actual Gucci Dionysus bag.

Brands are more eager than ever to bring their most creative ideas to life in Roblox, which is partly due to Roblox’s changing demographic. As of 2021, for the first time, Roblox said it had more daily active users over the age of 13 than under that age. Children who grew up with Roblox stay on the platform, and the demographic shift is significant to retailers.

For many Robloxians, avatar fashion is a highlight of the experience. With so many options and styles, people can spend hours and hundreds of Robux customising the perfect avatar. As in the real world, people find themselves drawn to items that are rare or unique. These attitudes toward digital avatars appeal to brands, because even though digital items won’t generally retail for as much as real-life ones, these immersive experiences facilitate brand loyalty and engagement.

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