Roblox hack returns, banning innocent players from the platform

The Crosswoods Roblox hack, which saw players get instantly banned from entering affected games on the platform, has returned in a new form

Robox hack returns, banning innocent players from the platform: A Roblox avatar stands in front of several computer screens that appear to show lines of code.

A major Roblox hack has returned in a new form, causing innocent players to face bans as they enter and play games designed to trigger an exploit within the platform.

Specific games trigger the exploit, and they typically appear to be ordinary experiences on the sandbox game platform. Players who enter these games, which tend to promise mysterious content, are prompted to enter letters corresponding to commands on the screen.

However, the sequence of these letter presses causes the player to type words that violate the platform’s Terms of Service, resulting in instant bans via Roblox’s automatic moderation tools.

These exploits are similar to the Crosswoods Roblox hack that the platform faced in July, which caused players to get banned after they logged in to certain games. The games spoofed Roblox chat and triggered text phrases that spewed inappropriate words that resulted in an instant ban via automatic moderation. The team behind the hack specifically targeted Twitch streamers to get them to play these games, which resulted in those content creators getting banned from the platform while live on stream.

These hackers, whether they’re the same group or different, also appear to be targeting streamers. A content creator named FallenSynapse first flagged the exploit, posting a Twitch clip where they entered a game called The Silence [BETA] by EdGames11334. After some brief overview text, the game prompts the player to play the game by pressing a specific letter and then follows more letter press prompts to get the player to agree to things like jump scares. When typed in sequence, these letters then spell out words that trigger Roblox’s automatic moderation.

YouTuber SharkBlox covered the exploit in a video uploaded on October 5. In the video, the content creator uses an alternate Roblox account to access another game that appears to be causing issues. Fortunately, the YouTuber manages to figure out how to trigger the exploit and is, therefore, able to avoid it.

While Roblox removed both games from the site, it doesn’t appear the company has taken any additional concrete steps to help protect innocent players from platform bans.

Though these games initially appear legitimate, players can find signs that the creators are may not be true Roblox developers as they may use new Roblox accounts or accounts with limited Roblox history. In these cases, the exploiters likely created or obtained accounts simply to build the games that trigger the exploits.

The new exploit doesn’t appear to be quite as severe as the Crosswoods exploit, as FallenSynapse faced only a one-day ban. However, if you are banned after visiting such a game and you feel the ban is unfair, you can appeal it via a form on the Roblox website. Be sure to offer a detailed description of what happened. As long as Roblox is aware of the exploit, innocent players who received bans should be unbanned. However, it may take some time for the Roblox team to get back to you, and your ban could be over by the time you receive a reply.

If you want to protect your Roblox account until the Roblox development team has remedied the issue, stay away from games that feature unfamiliar content or that aren’t created by trusted developers. The games on our list of the best Roblox games in 2022 feature only trusted developers. If you plan to visit those games, visit our list of Roblox promo codes list for October to don some new avatar skins and accessories to equip during your visit and add music from our Roblox music codes for October to play on your boombox in your favourite experiences.