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Roblox gets new content series to help people create games

It's called Level Up, and you can expect a session to kick off every quarter

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It’s often easier to think about Roblox as a development platform rather than a game. Players flock from game to game depending on what’s trending in the moment. Just last week, a creature collector called Adopt Me got a new update that came with map changes alongside a new farm shop and new ladybug pets. Roblox can, however, be complicated. I once sat through an hour-long intro to the game, and I was still none the wiser about how it all worked.

Now, though, Roblox is kicking off a new content series called Level Up to help people get better at developing games on its platform. It’s an extension to the Roblox Developers Conference and provides “additional game design education events throughout the year”.

Each event features a different set of experienced developers who have found success alongside Roblox’s Game Insights team. A post on Roblox’s developer forum goes on to explain that an event will happen each quarter and will feature roundtable discussions, hands-on workshops, presentations, and Q&A sessions designed to help people, ahem, level up their game design skills.

If you’d like to see more information about the events, you can read more on the developer forums.

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