Robloxians are serious about solving Brookhaven’s big mystery

There's something weird happening in Brookhaven, and Robloxian detectives are coming together as a community to figure out what it all means.

Robloxians use hammers to activate a portal in Brookhaven.

From the outside, Brookhaven may look like a simple Roblox community-building game where people can come together to roleplay as townspeople. As the most popular Roblox experience out there, boasting an average daily user count of 500,000, most longtime Robloxians probably feel as though they know everything there is to know about Brookhaven.

But, beyond the beautiful houses, the diner, and the dance floor, Brookhaven hides some pretty magical secrets. Now, the most determined Roblox players are figuring out where they all lead.

Among the community, there have long been murmurs that Brookhaven contains several secret rooms and hidden passages. However, on August 4, the game’s creators issued a ‘Secrets Only’ update, including text referencing ‘hard secrets,’ ‘really hard secrets,’ ‘extreme secrets,’ and ‘other little things.’

The secrets include moveable switches in a hidden room, a sign that turns into an alphanumeric code when two players sit in the chairs in front of it, and a piece of paper that reads ‘Agency,’ which lights on fire when clicked. The puzzles often require using Brookhaven-specific tools, such as using the hammer to break down boxes and the shovel to dig holes. A certain set of actions will also unlock a secret portal, although it’s unclear exactly what role it plays in the greater mystery.

A Roblox avatar looks at two switches hidden in a secret room.

Popular Roblox content creators such as KreekCraft, Poke, O1G, and IamSanna are now on the hunt to figure out what’s happening in Brookhaven. With input from their communities, they’ve embarked on a mission to figure out the secret Easter eggs.

Over two days, KreekCraft spent more than 15 hours on stream attempting to solve the puzzles. On August 7, he challenged Robloxians to help solve the mystery, even going as far as to offer a bounty of 1,000,000 Robux to anyone who could solve it.

This isn’t the first time Robloxians have come together to face an Easter egg challenge. One of the best-known examples involved a Roblox tie-in with the movie Ready Player One, which sent Robloxians on a scavenger hunt that spanned multiple different Roblox experiences. Another involved a mystery in Piggy, one of Roblox’s most popular games, that unlocked the game’s ‘true ending.’

The excitement will continue to grow as the community works together to solve Brookhaven’s biggest mystery, which may also be the most ponderous Roblox mystery to date. But, if playing Sherlock Holmes isn’t quite your speed, check out our list of the best Roblox games in 2022, which includes Brookhaven and many other fun games to explore. And, while you’re playing, don’t forget to use these Roblox promo codes for free avatar gear, too.