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Robocop Rogue City is a superb FPS, and now the dev has something new

Robocop Rogue City is one of the most underrated FPS games in years, but Teyon’s new project sounds closer to Path of Exile or Diablo 4.

Robocop Rogue City FPS game: Murphy from Robocop Rogue City, an FPS game by Teyon

Counter-Strike 2 and Starfield were the two biggest FPS games – or FPS and RPG mashups – of 2023. Going up against Valve and Bethesda, it’s not surprising that plucky shooter Robocop Rogue City slipped under the radar, but if you haven’t played it already, please do. Funny, vicious, and original, Rogue City is one of the most underrated shooters in years. Created by Teyon, maker of the similarly overlooked Terminator Resistance, Rogue City proves the studio has a skill for FPS design. But its new project sounds very different, and perhaps closer to the likes of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile.

90% of all Steam user reviews for Robocop Rogue City are positive. It’s also half price right now, so if you want to finally try out one of the best FPS games over the last 12 months – and possibly beyond – consider this an official and enthusiastic recommendation. Teyon has earned the right to rest on its laurels, maybe do another licensed shooter, but based on a new job advertisement, it sounds like the studio is exiting its comfort zone and working on something significantly different.

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“Teyon is looking for talented people who will support us with their skills, knowledge, and ideas in our upcoming project,” the developer’s new job listing explains. “This new action RPG game for PC and console will be developed by the team responsible for our previous titles Terminator Resistance and RoboCop Rogue City.” Other than confirming that Teyon is working on an RPG, the job listing also mentions that the project is being built using Unreal Engine, though does not specify which version.

Considering Teyon’s previous two games were licensed from ‘80s action movies, I’m given to speculation on which Reagan-era classic might translate best to an ARPG. Predator? Alien? Sylvester Stallone in Cobra?! We’ll have to see, but given the studio’s recent track record, whatever Teyon is working on will almost certainly be worth the wait.

Robocop Rogue City FPS game: A job listing from Robocop Rogue City developer Teyon

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