Multiplayer mech builder Robocraft gets quite the tune up as it enters beta

Robocraft battle

Leaving the garage with a substantial overhaul, developer Freejam have announced that Robocraft has now entered the beta stages of development. This update to beta comes with general reworks to many of its maps, as well as a big change to Robocraft’s main competitive mode.

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Robocraft’s core match type, Normal Mode, is now 5v5 as opposed to 8v8 during its alpha. According to Freejam, this is to allow “individual skill to dictate the outcome of matches more than ever before.” This Normal Mode rework also comes with a UI overhaul, making it easier for players to communicate with their team in the thick of battle.

All of Robocraft’s maps have been reworked, with Freejam adding more varied terrain for players to take advantage of during a match. The environments have also received a fresh lick of paint, making battlegrounds look a little less basic. A new mechanic has been added to maps as well, acting as a chance for teams who are far behind to make a comeback. Aptly called “The Equaliser”, players can now blow up a giant crystal which periodically spawns on the map, giving their team extra charge on their Protonite cores.

An ELO system has been introduced as part of this switch to beta, with a player’s rank going up or down based on match performance. This should result in more competitive and fair matches, rather than team compositions being down to the luck of the draw.

“Since its arrival on Steam Early Access, Robocraft has been through multiple evolutions, radically altering key game aspects like progression, combat balance, modes and maps, to name but a few,” said Freejam CEO and Game Director, Mark Simmons. “However Robocraft is now reaching its fully evolved, final form and we can’t wait to see the response to the changes from our awesome community, as well as all the new players we’re hoping to welcome to the party.”

If you are looking to take up robot building, make sure to sign up to our Robocraft competition where 10,000 of you lovely readers could win a starter pack for the game. Robocraft is set to leave Steam Early Access later this year.

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