Robot Unicorn Attack made into a Facebook game. Someone needs to burn the suit that birthed this beast


Somebody went and screwed about with one of gaming’s finest slivers of perfection, Robot Unicorn Attack. They took it, tore out its cybernetic heart and stuck the Facebook virus in its palce, letting it spread its dirty microstransaction gloop throughout the veins of our beloved horned horse.

Thankfully the original remains untouched. However, this new version, spottedby RPS, is just plain wrong.

The core game remains the same, though with one slight but important change, the camera is ever so slightly more zoomed in. This tiny change makes death more frequent, that brings up the shop screen more frequently, which puts the choice of buying a slow motion upgrade in your face more frequently, which makes you wish death upon the makers of this version more frequently.

Every highscore comes with the offer of “sharing” it with your friends.

Playthe original.