Rocket League will be decorated with Portal paraphernalia from tomorrow

Rocket League

What do you wear once you’ve become a bona fide Steam phenom? What jewels might better adorn Rocket League’s new crown? Ah, yes: Portal DLC. Psyonix, who must have felt ecstatic every morning since sorting out their melting servers in the summer, have collaborated with Valve on a free new update set to drop tomorrow like a physics-enabled vulcanised rubber ball.

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The well-patched vehicular sports game will slip a number of new items into its locker room come December 1st. Expect antennae themed around the Companion Cube, Personality Core, PotatOS, the famous cake and Aperture Laboratories themselves, apparently branching out into sponsorship in a new bid for some much-needed positive PR.

There’ll also be gels of the conversion, propulsion and repulsion varieties trailing from player trucks, and a specially-themed cake topper. Toppers are hats for cars, obvs.

You’ll start to see all of the above cropping up in Rocket League match-end drops from tomorrow. The Valve collab follows the appearance of Portal in Lego Dimensions. What Aperture-approved reference material are you hoping to see spin off into other games next?