Rocket League Birthday Ball event celebrates 7th anniversary

Psyonix celebrates the seventh anniversary of their car football game with a new limited-time event called Rocket League Birthday Ball beginning on July 6

Rocket League Birthday Ball event celebrates seventh anniversary

Astonishingly, it’s now been seven years since car football game Rocket League came crashing dramatically into our lives, so developer Psyonix is celebrating the game’s seventh anniversary with a new limited-time event called Rocket League Birthday Ball. The event is set to last for two weeks and is packed with limited time modes, special challenges, and of course plenty of birthday-themed cosmetics for the free-to-play game.

The Rocket League Birthday Ball event is scheduled for July 6 – 19, and is split up into two weeks of distinct events. The first week, July 6 – 13, brings back fan favourite limited-time mode Heatseeker, where two teams of two go head-to-head in a showdown where the ball instinctively homes in on your opponents’ goal after you hit it, demanding some real defensive prowess.

In the second week, July 13 – 19, players can take part in the Knockout limited-time mode – an arena battle where players must attempt to hurl each other off a series of high platforms using three unique attack, block, and grab skills. It’s a very unique way to play Rocket League, and a fantastic opportunity to practice your car combat skills without having to keep track of where the ball’s gone bouncing off to.

In addition to these modes, there will be a series of unique Birthday Ball challenges for players to complete, which will award 300 credits upon completion. There’s also a Golden Goat player banner and a precious metal avatar border up for grabs as well, alongside a whole raft of other tasty goodies.

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If you want to dress up for the celebration with some snazzy wheels, there are two rather dapper-looking anniversary decals for the Fennec car model in the item shop – one in titanium white, and the other a fancy formal look. Players can also earn Golden Eggs while playing during the festivities, which may then be used from your inventory to unlock items from the champions series 1-4 in the sports game.

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