Still no sequel planned for Rocket League, which you can play free this weekend

Rocket League

There are no current plans for a Rocket League 2, despite – or perhaps, because of – the massive success of the original game, which debuted three years ago today. Developer Psyonix has said the team plans to continue developing for and supporting Rocket League, and considers it a “game as service.”

Rocket League game director Scott Rudi told GameSpot  that Psyonix is treating Rocket League as a platform, creating new content such as new game modes and hats rather than looking toward a sequel.

“I don’t know what I’d do with Rocket League 2,” Rudi said. “I’d rather do more to expand the existing Rocket League. It’s doing great, there is a lot ahead of it. So yeah, we have no plans for Rocket League 2.”

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Rudi’s comments echo what we heard from Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix’s vice president of publishing, when he spoke to a year ago. At the time, he said Rocket League would continue to expand with updates for years, rather than see a sequel.

And that approach seems to have worked. Three years in, Rocket League has managed to hold on to its runaway popularity, with more than 5 million players joining in the RC car football action every month and more than 40 million total players. Psyonix is celebrating its birthday with a new 3v3 playlist and a special Happy Birthday car topper. Festivities will kick off (so to speak) Monday, July 9th and run through July 23rd.

But if you still haven’t tried it out, you can play Rocket League for free this weekend. The game is free to try on Steam through Monday. It’s the perfect salve for when your World Cup team finally decides to give up the ghost.