Rocket League gets its Christmas on with new 3v3 Hockey Mode, festive garage items

Rocket League Christmas update

Rocket League, as you well know, has been one of 2015’s big success stories, and Psyonix are obviously in the mood for celebrating. They’ve just released the latest in an impressively long line of free content drops, and as you might expect given the timing, there’s a festive theme.

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The Snow Days free DLC update adds a 3V3 hockey mode previously teased in an update from Psyonix back in November. It adds a new mutator which replaces the ball with a puck and an ice rink stadium. Oddly though, players are reporting that the icy surface isn’t affecting handling.

The puck is a literal game-changer though, requiring a much different eye for trajectories than vanilla Rocket League. Its shape makes it behave very differently upon contact with a wall. Instead of bouncing, its direction simply curves and arcs in unpredictible fashion.

There are new garage items to unlock, too:antlers, antennas, santa hats, christmas trees, and a new tartan rocket trail. You have until 4th January to collect the lot.

Thanks, PC Gamer.