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Hot Wheels cars head to Rocket League as paid DLC, along with a free topper and antenna

Rocket League Hot Wheels

Two Hot Wheels cars have been added to Rocket League as premium DLC in an update today. If you’re willing to spend $1.99, you can zoom around the game’s sci-fi tracks in the Twin Mill III and the Bone Shaker. 

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As a free bonus, players can unlock a Hot Wheels topper and antenna for free. There’s also a Treasure Hunt flag, a Shark Bite topper, and a Player’s Choice crate filled with community-voted customisation items.

Here’s the changelog:


  • “Player’s Choice Crate Series 1” can now be found rarely after online matches
    • This crate includes community favourite items voted on by the players

Bug fixes

  • “Infinite Power!” and “Mad Scientist” Achievements have been fixed
  • “Lightning” Wheel is now properly named “Voltaic”
  • Vehicle driver- and passenger-side windows no longer have Blue or Orange tint when Black Market decals are equipped
  • Pressing shoulder buttons simultaneously no longer causes Item overlap on vehicle customisation screen
  • Chain link pattern no longer visible when using certain Rocket Trails
  • Fixed performance issues with the Proton, Dark Matter, and Hypernova Rocket Trails.
  • Licensed Car items can no longer be forced onto other Battle-Cars