Rocket League player escapes map into weird and wonderful world beyond

Rocket League Wasteland

Rocket League has enjoyed a fair wad of extras since its release last year, yet they’ve all featured within the confines of its caged playing field. The latest bonus to come from Psyonix’s battle car-bashing boundaries is far from official, but is pretty cool nevertheless: one keen player has broken free of the Wasteland arena and has recorded the glitch world that lies beyond and, at times, beneath.

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So, it seems there’s more to Rocket League than what might first meet the eye. Beyond the crowds and speed boosts and stadiums and fanfare, there’s a world of strange architectural constructs, rolling sand dune plains, dazzling purple oceans, and gorgeous celestial shimmer.

Reddit user UncomfortableNPC made the discovery which is beautiful and unsettling in equal measure. Check it out:

When UncomfortableNPC’s car first disappears beneath the pitch there, I had the distinct impression the vehicle would begin an infinite plunge – similar to how most games glitch out, before you’re forced to reset. Instead, it becomes clear there might be more to the world beyond the field, as the next four-odd minutes of the exploration video show.

Then it all goes a bit Alice in Wonderland/Pan’s Labyrinth/Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. The question is, though: is this a simple glitch or is there really more to Rocket League than what first meets the eye? Let us know what you think in the comments below.