Rocket League Season two gets underway – here’s what’s new in Version 1.11

Rocket League Season 2

Rocket League Season one has drawn to a close and in the quickest of turnovers – skipping holidays, transfers and pre-season training – Season two is now underway. Developers Psyonix have now released patch notes for Version 1.11 which detail all that’s new in the latest campaign.

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The main change that’ll shape Season two, as was suggested last month, is that the latest runout redefines how players rise and fall in the game’s rankings system. Now, greater onus is placed on individual skill and not match wins.

In practice, this means that players start in an “Unranked” division where they must play ten games in order to determine how good (or how pants) they really are. These results, on top of your skill rating from the last campaign, will in turn rule which title you belong to.

On the rankings front, as also promised last month, players that ranked bronze or above in the last runout will be given cosmetic awards for their efforts. Lucky you.

Here’s Version 1.11’s highlights:

  • Ranked play Season 1 has ended and rewards will be given to all ranked participants bronze or above
  • Ranked Season 2 play has begun (renamed to “Competitive Season 2”)
  • The “Rocket Labs” experimental playlist is now available for casual Online play
  • New Item Rarity system introduced, “Common” and “Uncommon” items can now be found after Online matches
  • “Wasteland” arena has been added to Competitive Playlists
  • “Snow Day” can now be played in Private Matches
  • Performance has been improved in multiple Arenas
  • (BETA) Player Reporting feature has been added
  • “Quick Chat Only” filter has been added to Text Chat options
  • Russian and Turkish language support has been added
  • Multiple outstanding bugs have been fixed

Full patch notes can be found via the Rocket League Steam Community page.