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Rocket League updates and DLC are on the way


It’s been a long time since I last saw an indie game take the entire world (or, more specifically, my entire Twitter feed) by storm in the way Rocket League has. Everyone I know is scoring goals, making saves and posting gifs of it all online. Perhaps unsurprisingly, patches and DLC are planned and fansite Rocket-League.com have put together a list of everything that’s on the way.

Update 28/07/15: Developer Psyonix have tweeted the first image from Utopia Coliseum, the new map that will be released for free “in a few weeks”. 

Also detailed on Psyonix’s website are known issues that will be addressed in patch 1.03, due early next week. Chief among them is the issue of crashes in the Steam version of the game, so PC players can expect a much smoother ride after the patch is applied.

Courtesy of the Rocket-League.com fansite, you can see what to expect in the upcoming DLChere, along with sources, but the highlights are:

  • Leaving ranked games will confer some sort of penalty.
  • Plans for limited cross-platform play between friends.
  • A 3v3 ranked mode.
  • A new map.

The timelines for all this are in flux but we should know more in the next couple of weeks, with developers Psyonix having confirmed a trailer is on the way. Their Twitter is a very good way to keep up with the current status of the patches, the next of which (1.03) should be coming early next week. There’s also some paid DLC in the works which will include two new cars.

Haven’t picked Rocket League up yet? Right there with you and assuming everyone will be over it by the time I clear my gaming schedule for it. Here’s Fraser’s reviewif you need convincing.