Rocket League’s new Dropshot mode is live – smash through the arena floor to score

Rocket League Dropshot mode

Update March 23, 2017: Rocket League’s latest update is live, and this one adds a new mode to test those volley skills of yours.

Hopefully you’ve mastered the art of boosting and controlling your car’s thrust mid jump now, because Dropshot wants you to get above the ball and smash it down, like a game of ever-shifting volleyball where you create your own goals. 

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In addition to the new mode, there’s a ‘Live Now’ button on the main menu, where you can watch official streams right in the game itself. This ties in with the start of Competitive Season 4, which also adds improvements to the spectator camera.

Original Story March 13, 2017: Did Psyonix dare dream they’d have cause to add new modes to Rocket League as it approached its third year? Probably not – yet the car football phenom is still going strong enough to justify Dropshot, a free mode aboutbreaking through the floor of the arenato score. That’s right, folks.

Dropped into a hexagonal arena called Core 707, players are asked to score against their opponents – but there are no goals to be found. Instead, they must use an electrified ball to break open the floor on their opponent’s side, cracking open a dynamic scoring area.

Once the goal is scored, that side of the arena closes up and the match continues until the timer hits zero. Also: that electified ball gets stronger as players connect with it, and harder hits can infuse it with higher damage potential. Very, very odd.

Dropshot is coming to Rocket League on March 22, alongside its fourth competitive season. Like Rumble, Hoops and Mutator before it, Dropshot mode will appear as its own online Playlist, as well as in Private and Exhibition matches.

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